Economics is a study of how to use the given amount resources to produce as much income and wealth as possible. It also studies how to allocate the produced income and wealth to members of the society in a way that is appropriate and just. The undergraduate program at The College of Economics and Finance (CE&F) nurtures students into elites who can satisfy the needs of private and public enterprises, government, educational and financial institutions by providing fundamental understanding in the area of money and finance in addition to traditional subjects in economics. Our graduate program trains the future scholars in the field by equipping them with profound theoretical understanding and the latest methodology, coupled with onsite practical experience.


CE&F constantly reinvents its undergraduate programs in order to meet the domestic and international demands for the economics and finance graduates. Besides the economic theory courses, we proactively offer the courses that can accommodate cultural and academic diversity based on internationalized knowledge and understanding. This is part of our efforts to produce global elites who can adapt dynamically to, and perform as leaders in, the ever-changing environment of the world economy. In order to enhance specialty and to allow differentiated employment opportunities, several tracks such as Financial Economics, Industrial Economics, International Economics, Economic Policies, Managerial Economics and Economic Analysis are offered. Only those who satisfy the specified standards for each track receive a quotation in the transcript.


As the 20th Dean of The College of Economics and Finance, my goal is to maximize EPS of the college. An economic terminology EPS stands for Earnings Per Share, and it is a primary indicator for a corporation’s value. The EPS of CE&F refers to the satisfaction coming from the Excellence, Pride and Success of the constituents of the college, namely, faculty, students, and members of the administrative support. By continually maximizing the EPS, The College of Economics and Finance shall become a window through which our graduates step out to the world ready for any challenges. To this end, the CE&F will continue its relentless progress, and I ask parents, graduates and other stakeholders for their attention, support and participation.



Hyoungsoo Zang

Professor and Dean

College of Economics and Finance