Dr. Kim Lyun Joon,

Founding Spirit of Hanyang University

The founding spirit of Hanyang University is to educate and train students to understand and to love one another, based upon virtues of diligence, honesty, humility and service, to heighten the noble spirit of learning, and to become men and women, who work not only for themselves but also for the nation and its people, and further, for all mankind.

연혁 이미지 1939 Dong-A Engineering Institute is established
1948 Renamed as Hanyang College of Engineering
1959 Chartered as Hanyang University, and College of Politics and Economy is created with Dept. of Economics, Dept. of Commerce, Dept. of Law and Dept. of Politics and Diplomacy
1964 College of Politics and Economy is divided into School of Business and College of Law and Politics.
- School of Business: Dept. of Economics/ Dept. of
  International Trade / Dept. of Economic Statistics / Dept.
  of Management
- College of Law and Politics: Dept. of Law / Dept. of
  Politics and Diplomacy
1966 School of Business expanded and reorganized
- Dept. of Economics / Dept. of International Trade / Dept.
  of Accounting / Dept. of Management
1994 Restructuring of School of Business
- Division of Economics / Division of Management



2001 College of Economics and Finance (CE&F) is created
- Separated from School of Business as an independent
  college and division
연혁 이미지
2007 CE&F building completed