1. Teaching Excellence
  2. Acclaimed Academic Standards
  3. Globalization
  4. Fun and Excitement


  • CE&F maintains regular academic exchanges with prominent universities in the world
  • 1Kobe University, Japan
  • Since 2002, annual joint symposium is held at HYU and Kobe University alternately
  • Kobe is a highly acclaimed university in Japan
  • Preparation for student exchange is underway

  • 2Osaka University of Economics, Japan
  • Since 2003, annual symposium is held at alternate locations between Seoul and Osaka
  • Osaka University of Economics is a specialized school recognized for its academic excellence in economics program

  • 3Renmin University of China
  • Since 2008, CE&F and RUC take turn to host an annual symposium between the two schools
  • RUC is a highly influential college in China, and many of its graduates hold elite positions in the Chinese government

  • 4Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • CE&F and NTU have been holding an annual seminar at Seoul and Singapore alternately
  • NTU, frequently dubbed as MIT of Singapore, is ranked as the #1 school in the category of colleges without medical schools in the rating of Asian universities compiled by QS and Chosun Daily News
  • Starting from 2012, CE&F, NTU, and Kobe extended a bilateral academic exchange program to a three-party joint academic exchange program in an effort to build Asian Research Network.

  • CE&F building is the site of numerous international scholarly conferences every year
  • Successfully hosted 2008 International Conference on Public Economics Theory (PET) participated by some 200 scholars from all over the world
  • Hosted 2011 Microeconomic Theory Summer Workshop
  • Hosted The 1st Summer School of Econometric Society for young economists in 2013
  • Will be the site of The 2nd Summer School of Econometric Society in 2014

  • Lectures given in English language
  • Given by faculty members whose doctoral degrees are from worldly-renowned universities in the English speaking countries
  • About a quarter of all the courses offered in CE&F are given in English language

  • Meet and work with many students from Asia and Europe
  • As of April 2014, there are 100 foreign students studying at the CE&F

  • Hanyang Economic Research Institute (HERI) supports research and international exchanges at CE&F
  • Publishes a professional journal “The Journal of Economic Research”
  • Promotes and organizes international scholarly exchanges and cooperation
  • Manages The Center for Cost Analysis, and oversees many research projects