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University and Department Scholarship Programs for Undergraduate Studies

Scholarship Qualifications and Benefits Application Period
Hanyang Brain
(for academic excellence)
Top-ranked students based on the grades from the previous semester may receive full or partial tuition reduction for one semester
CE&F policy for tuition reduction: Top 1~3: 100%, Top 4: 70%, Top 5~6: 50%, Top7: 30%
End of each semester
(June and December)
Love in Deed and Truth Students (or their immediately families) who are the recipients of Basic Livelihood Security
Benefits or in the secondary low-income group
End of each semester
(June and December)
Early March for freshman
Practical Talents Students selected based on household income conditions (following the income group standards
of the Korea Student Aid Foundation)
Leadership Members of the CE&F Student Council
Editor of the CE&F News
Chair of the Board of Directors
Leader of the Study Club for the Financial Examinations
President of the Hanyang
Economic Association
Chair of the Hanyang Economics & Finance Seminar
President and Vice President of the International Student Club
Administered by the CE&F RC Team